Pro Domestic Recruitment, Placements and Training of Housekeepers


Pro Domestic has been a well-established business for the past 20 years.

In 1998 Dolores noted a need for trained housekeepers, and housekeepers who are able to prepare a meal for their employers, and started Pro Domestic as a training facility in Housekeeping and Cooking and Baking

Soon after the Training, the Placements followed and in the past 2 years also started with a Wash and Ironing Service.

Pro Domestic is committed to provide quick and friendly service to seeking employers as well as future Employees.


We have been Pro Domestic clients for more than eight years, and continue to be most satisfied with the service they render. The owners’ hands-on approach ensures that quality is maintained, and the cleaning teams are well-trained. The range of cleaning services included as part of their standard package far exceeds that offered by other companies. We have peace of mind that that they are sensitive to and work around our dogs. We recommend Pro Domestic to anyone seeking thorough cleaning with the minimum of fuss.

Sharonne and Philip van der Merwe